Secret Pal Summer Fun 2018

Do you want to get surprises in the mail this summer?  Do you want to send someone a surprise to brighten their day?  How can you stay inspired, creative and in-touch with your fellow calligraphers, even though there is no meeting to energize you?

That’s simple – just sign up to be a SECRET PAL and let the fun begin!!  The sign-up time is going on right now.  The deadline is the April 5th general meeting.   If you have already received your bio & questionnaire, please complete it and return it to Lynn Rothe at the April meeting. If you are signing up at the April meeting, you have until the Mini Workshop on April 19th to turn it in.

Everyone will find out who their SECRET PAL is at the May 3rd general meeting.

And Shhhhhh…NO TELLING!!


SECRET PAL is the SACG’s summer program to keep us in touch with each other, keep us inspired and our creativity amped up.  During June, July and August, we make and send surprises to our SECRET PAL (anonymously – hence, the name SECRET) which can brighten their days and make them feel special.  YOU will be receiving things from your SECRET PAL, too, but you won’t know who is sending to you. What fun to go to the mail box and find a treasure from a SECRET someone!  And, sometimes, SECRET PALS are really sneaky and have things delivered.

It’s also fun to get together during the summer, with one or more of your SACG friends, and work on your SECRET PAL projects.  It’s really a challenge, and LOTS of fun, to work on a surprise for a person sitting right there with you and they don’t even realize what you’re working on is for them!!!   That has really happened before, no kidding.  It’s a blast to see their faces in September when they realize what you did. Or, start a project and then pass it around to a couple of others to add to it and really fake out your SECRET PAL.  That has really happened before, too!

The SEPTEMBER meeting is the SECRET PAL REVEAL when the mystery will be solved and you find out who has been sending goodies to you all summer!!   Take all the treasures you’ve received over the summer to the September meeting, so they can be displayed for all to enjoy (plus take a card or small gift to thank your own SECRET PAL).   Part of the fun is seeing what everyone has made and finding out about hidden talents in each of us.  Many of our Mini Workshops have come from something one of us has made in SECRET PALS.

Remember, the idea is to share and have fun – no stressing out allowed!

The level of your ability is not important (honest).

Minimum required is three (3) handmade items but you are welcome to make more if you are so inspired.


Keep in mind that this summer project is to share with your fellow guild members – doing something for someone that makes them happy feels really good and it’s lots of fun!!

***** Sign up to be a SECRET PAL and get ready for the fun to start *****

Any questions or to sign up, please contact:

       Lynn Rothe – 210-289-0261 –