About us

The San Antonio Calligraphers’ Guild was founded in 1976. Our chief purpose is to provide calligraphers with educational and vocational information and to stimulate public interest in and appreciation for the art of calligraphy. Our secondary purpose is to engage in charitable, literary, social and other activities which reflect the chief purpose of the Guild. With over 40 years of members, activities and learning; the history of the guild is filled with colorful and educational guest speakers and events.

Officers & Committee Chairs

President: Rene Rone
Vice President: Leslie Winakur
Secretary: Beth McMahon
Treasurer: Karen Fridlund
Members at large: Becky Hughes, Lillian Putman, Fran Boffo, Maggie Gllikin, Laura Herold

Awards and Memorials: Leslie Winkaur
Envelope Exchange: Laura Herold
Exhibits: Fran Boffo
Hospitality: Loni Carlson
Greeters: Judy Jungbauer&Karen Oliver Library: Brian Zampier
Post Office Box: Beverly Carter
Major Workshops: Leslie Winakur
Membership: Laura Herold
Mini Workshops: Maggie Gillikin
Notification: Leslie Winakur
Show and Share: Leslie Winakur Paypal: Laura Herold
Programs: Becky Hughes
Scholarships: María Te Díaz
Secret Pal: Lillian Putman

Ad Hoc Assignment: Updating Roles and Responsibilities: Karen Fridlund

Meeting Minutes and By-Laws

Meeting Minutes are available in PDF format for anyone interested in viewing. By-Laws are provided for those wanting to learn more.