Our own Member/Instructor Joan Schmitz

In 1976, SACG was formed by Kitty Anziani Maguire. Eleven of Kitty’s students became the first Guild members: Helen Rasplicka, Liz Robalin, Eleanor Craven, Enid Collins, Jennie McHugh Duncan, Martha Hicks, Joan McCook, Dr. Robert Richmond, Bernadette Robalin, Eileen Thurman and Terry Ybanez. By October 1977, membership had reached 26 and today we have approximately 100 members.

In 1977, the first Guild newsletter, “Flourishes” was issued.

In 1993, the Guild published the cookbook “Foods with a Flourish”. We have also published calendars and posters as fundraisers. Funds are used for Guild operations and to provide education and scholarships to the community.

The Guild’s first Spring Exhibition was held in the Dougherty Fine Arts Center at Incarnate Word College in 1980. In the summer of 2005, SACG assisted in hosting the 25th Annual International Lettering Arts Conference (“Legacies”) in Dallas. Also in 2005, the Guild held its first Calligraphy Faire, which promoted the calligraphic arts via a Scriptorium, demonstrations, and sales of members’ work.

In January 2011, SACG was honored to host the 30th annual South-west Calligraphy Conference, a meeting of the presidents and work-shop chairs of the Guilds in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, New Orleans, Dallas, Fort Worth, Waco, Austin, Houston, and San Antonio.

The SA Calligraphers’ Guild has a long history of supporting organizations and activities in our community. Efforts have included the Bexar County Women and Children’s Shelter, SA Public Library, The Briscoe Museum of Western Art, children’s career-day activities, art therapy for disabled veterans, calligraphy classes for senior citizens, plus free demonstrations and exhibitions.

Over the years, the Guild has brought renowned calligraphers to San Antonio to present lectures, programs and workshops. They include: Paul Freeman, Carl Rohrs, Denis Brown, Thomas Ingmire, Peter Thornton, Reggie Ezell, Rosie Kelly, Carol Palleson, Marsha Brady, Lisa Engelbrecht, Jacqueline Sullivan, Brody Neuenschwander, Carrie Imai, Nancy Culmone, Donald Jackson, Sheila Waters and Maria Soria.

We are proud of our Guild history and thank the members who have contributed so much over the years.

Past Presidents
1976-1977 Kitty Maguire
1977-1979 Helen Rasplicka
1979-1980 Nancy McHugh
1980-1981 Eleanor Russell
1981-1983 Bennye Frazier
1983-1984 Grace Strey
1984-1985 Thann Tolman
1984-1985 Mim Scharlack
1985-1987 Pauline Sager
1987-1989 Joan Schmitz
1989-1991 Bill Waddington
1991-1993 Lucy Dalkowitz
1993-1994 Suzanne Kenoyer
1994-1996 Eleanor Russell
1996-1998 BJ Grant
1998-2000 Leslie Winakur
2000-2002 Maggie Gillikin
2002-2004 Shirley Ginn
2004-2006 Kaye Yarbrough
2006-2008 Pam Thomas
2008-2010 Lynn Rothe
2010-2012  Lenora Jordan
2012-2016 Carolyn Patton
2016-2018 Suzan O’Connor
2018-2020 Karen Fridlund
2020-2023 Laura Herold