Ad Hoc Committees
Chairmen will be appointed by the President for ad hoc committees as necessary. Such committees may include Saturday Specials, Fundraising, Play Days, Early Birds, Budget/Audit, Nominating, or Book Orders.
Standing Committees and Other Guild Responsibilities
Awards and Memorials Chair oversees the proposal, handling and presentation of awards and memorials.
Early Bird Program Chair works with the Program Chair to plan and arrange the monthly pre-program activity. Activities typically include displays, sale of presenters’ works or hands-on demonstrations that relate to the program topic.
Education Chair works with Program Chair, Workshop Chair and Librarian to approve expenditure of education funds where appropriate; finds new ways to provide money for education fund.
Envelop Exchange Chair is responsible for organizing and overseeing the annual envelope exchange program. Makes announcements and engages members to participate. Prepares list of participants’ contact information. Follows up to ensure that program is running smoothly. Arranges displays of envelopes at pot luck events.
Exhibits Chair plans exhibits; publicizes show to members and requests entries; provides forms for show entries; prepares invitation artwork and arranges for printing. Works with Publicity Chair to publicize events to the community. Coordinates opening reception. Provides newsletter coordinator with information about upcoming events.
Greeter / Name Tag/ Door Prize Chair has one or more person(s) at each meeting to greet members and guests, and arranges to have themacknowledged during the meeting. Responsible for maintaining two sign-in sheets: one for members, one for guests. Also responsible for bringing name tags to each meeting, and supplying new members with name tags. Gathers one door prize per meeting; uses sign-in sheet to draw numbers for winners; distributes prizes.
Hospitality Chair arranges for hosts for Guild meetings; reminds hosts of upcoming meetings. Organizes potluck dinners. Buys and stores supplies as needed with Guild funds. Brings serving supplies and drinks to monthly meetings.
Librarian maintains books, DVDs, etc., belonging to Guild; makes them available for checkout at meetings. Follows up on overdue books. Maintains an inventory of books for permanent record.
Major Workshop Chair arranges for workshops, instructors and venues. Coordinates instructor’s travel plans with other Guilds if needed. Works with instructors to complete supply lists. Publicizes workshops logistics and requirements; arranges for audio-visual and other equipment as needed; signs up members; keeps track of workshop funds; describes workshops on website and provides announcements to e-newsletter coordinator.
Membership Chair accepts membership dues; maintains a list of member contact information; keeps track of dues payments; transfers cash and checks to the Treasurer with documentation.Prepares annual membership roster for e-mail publication. Notifies the Mailing Greeter Chair and Notifications Chair of all new members or updated address information. Ensures new members are offered new member packet, mentor and new member orientation class. Works to attract new members and retain existing members. Reports to Board on membership levels. .
Mini-Workshop Chair arranges for workshops; asks membership for suggestions; arranges for teachers and locations; works with teachers for supply lists if necessary; publicizes at meetings, provides information for Guild website and in the e-newsletter; arranges for any audio-visual or other equipment; signs up members; keeps track of funds and turns them in to the Treasurer.
Program Chair plans, selects and oversees all programs for the year. Coordinates topics and presenters with Major Workshop Chair. Works with Hospitality Chair for special programs like dinners; arranges for set-up and clean-up for each meeting.
Scholarship Chair confidentially handles all requests and awards for workshop or membership scholarships.