Calligraphers for Hire

Alphabetically by last name. All located in the San Antonio area unless otherwise noted.

Deborah Bowen
Holley Bowen
styles: Copperplate, Spencerian, and Blackletter
job types: envelope addressing, wedding invitations, and other professional lettering.

Mary B. Bowman or
Presentations to groups on a Zen approach to calligraphy, classes via NEISD’s ALIR group (210-407-0167), tutoring and private lessons in Uncial, Gothic, Neuland, Akim, and Italic, decorated initials, and an introduction to calligraphy that can be personalized.

Maggie Gillikin
H: 210.494.4613 C: 210.573.0422
Professional lettering and beautiful presentations. Also teaches. Does not do envelopes.


Haley A. Ping
H: 830.868.7896 C: 314.578.1351 or
located in the Hill Country near Johnson City
job types: poems, quotations, vows, family crests, citations, and other broadsides. Also does 23K gilded artist nameplates and teaches.


Rosemary Rodriguez
styles: Italic
job types: envelope addressing, place cards, menus, table numbers, wedding book inscriptions, and certificate fill ins.

Kyla Ryan
C: 210.324.9172 or SoigneCalligraphy
job types: custom art pieces, illuminated manuscripts, pointed pen work, lettering in any style, envelopes, place cards, table numbers, and more. Prints available on Etsy.

Joan Schmitz
styles:  Copperplate and more
job types: envelope addressing and broadsides. Also teaches.


Trish Taylor
located in the Austin area
styles: Copperplate, Contemporary Pointed Pen and Brush, Italic, Uncial, and more
job types: weddings, including envelopes, handmade books, custom commissions, certificates, book/Bible inscriptions, some watercolor illustration, 23K gold Illumination. Also teaches.

Bill Waddington
job types: larger proclamations, presentations, and mission statements. Does not do envelopes.

Leslie Winakur
H: 210.545.9492 C: 210.394.7486
Professional lettering and beautiful presentations. Also teaches. Does not do envelopes.