Always Supply List

For all SACG workshops. Check the newsletter for additional supplies required for specific workshops.

  • paper & pen/pencil for taking notes
  • double ended pen handle, round barrel
  • nibs: 1 pointed nib (i.e. Nikko G or Brause EF66)
    2 broad edged nibs (i.e. Mitchell #5 or #6 — small and Mitchell #2 — large)
    Note: Mitchel nibs are the most flexible, Tape nibs are medium flexibility, and Brause nibs have the least flexibility)
  • mechanical or regular pencils : a soft (2B) and a hard (4-6H)
  • eraser – white vinyl or kneaded eraser
  • ruler – 18″ or longer — metal cork-backed is best
  • scissors
  • Xacto knife with #10 & #11 blades with small container for used blades
  • slant board
  • gouaches – ivory black (Windsor Newton or Schmincke are good brands), other color of your choice
  • gum arabic – Windsor Newton brand
  • mixing pan, mixing brush, dropper, distilled water, spritz bottle with distilled water, small containers with lids to take home leftover mixed gouaches
  • water container for cleaning brushes
  • old toothbrush for cleaning nibs
  • paper towels — blue shop towels are best
  • masking tape, blue painters tape, drafting tape
  • permanent marker such as a Sharpie for labeling your tools

Optional Items:

  • 11″x17″ calligraphy grid pad — 8 squares to the inch
  • crocus cloth – 1 sheet
  • pliers for opening tubes of gouache
  • magnifier — 8X-12X
  • Mag-eyes/Optivisor
  • Ott-lite, extension cord, power strip
  • cushion to sit on
  • footrest
  • sweater or jacket
  • snacks & drink

Download the Standard_Supply_List